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Google cloud Computing is a service provided by Google Inc. These services have broad range from server less hosting of websites and applications, Data storage and management, Application and software testing on different virtual machines, Virtual Instance deployment, Application and Website designing, Cloud Storage and Bandwidth control, troubleshooting and editing in apps and softwares, Big query, cloud run and Google Cloud CDN, Cloud SQL and Kubernetes engine, Virtual Engine and Operations.

These services are very handy, easy to use and can be used from anywhere at any given time. You just need an internet connected device and a google account to access these services at very low cost. The cost of using these services depends on how much and what services you use which is also very cheap compared to having individual software on your on-premises or on-campus physical servers which also needs an IT team twenty four hours to work.

Using these services on google cloud cut your overall cost to 70%. Google cloud also provides you with 24×7 hour strong security and protects you from online threats like online attacks, Data theft, Virus manifestation and also manages all your needs at once and provides you non-stop streamlines services.

Here we are providing you a short list of google cloud services and their way of working for your understanding. Remember there are more than hundred services and products which is provided by google cloud computing which you can use and mentioning all of them in one article is not easy and you’ll feel boring while reading, That’s why we are mention only some basic and most used services by a company or an individual; the data is collected from Google’s own cloud platform and various trusted sources but i can change any time (mainly cost of these services). Here we go!

Google Cloud StorageGoogle Cloud Platform (GCP) provides a serverless cloud storage service to its users which can be used to store data, files and also hosted on for any website and application. This storage also acts like cloud servers. There is no history of crashing or any bug in Google cloud storage. It has advanced anti-crash infrastructure and also has strong security to protect your data from any kind of online attacks and theft. It was first launched to the public on 19 may 2010 and has been in service since then. Even Google uses this service for its own products like, YouTube, Google Duo, Google Cloud Platform, Google Blogger and others. Example of this storage on a daily basis is Google Drive which comes free for anyone having a Google account. Free Drive has 15 GB of capacity to store your data.

Google App Engine – Google App engine is also one of the most used and greatest services provided by google cloud platform. By using this service you can design, code, host, test and run applications across multiple servers at once. The applications are based on Android OS, iOS (Apple) and even Microsoft. You can choose to use codes from already available libraries or use your own. These are mainly used for Designing, Testing and hosting. You can also run a troubleshooting program to search for any error or bug and can edit the specific line of code which is causing the issue. Application hosting on Google Cloud platform merely stops working and gives great performance. You can also list applications on Google Play store directly from here. Listing on Google Play costs a bit of extra money which is a one time payment. For listing on Google Play store you must comply with Google Play regulations and rules along with Country own specific set of Regulation like, US and EU.

Google Cloud HostingGoogle Cloud Hosting is a set of services which is provided by Google Cloud Platform. It is one of the basic services of Google Cloud Platform and Is widely used. By this service you can host static and dynamic websites and Applications on its server by also deploying new ideas and pages in just a few seconds. The Google Cloud Hosting comes with its own anti-crash mechanism and anti-attack, Anti-malware software. Applications and Websites on Google Cloud Hosting never crashes and loads very quickly. You can also adjust bandwidth based on users using your application or visiting your website. The data storage service comes along with Google Cloud Service so there is no need to worry about storing all your data and files of the application or applications you are hosting on it. It has also strong security system and your files and data are safe on it.

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